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Termite Terrors: Avoiding Infestation


No home in Florida is free of potential problems. Even newly-built homes should be thoroughly and professionally inspected before any potential client walks through the door to see them. For Realtors, this is very important – especially when the dreaded ‘T’ word is mentioned.

That’s right – termites.

Termites can be found in virtually every area of the continental United States. In Florida alone, there are several species of termites and other wood-eating insects that can infest homes without any damage being seen by the naked eye. Showing a home that is potentially compromised by termites is a recipe for disaster.


Detecting Termites in a Home

In Florida, there are three general types of termites that we commonly deal with in Florida. One of the most dangerous ones – Formosan termites – are larger termites that can penetrate wood structures in a home and cause damage. Drywood termites are also effective at causing structural damage to a property and can create several colonies throughout a home.

In many cases, finding these termites is not possible by taking a walk through a home. Realtors commonly miss these insects because they lack the tools, knowledge, or expertise to get into the property and find potential colonies.

Conducting Home Inspections in Bradenton for Termites

Fortunately, Realtors do not have to go it alone in order to present a viable and structurally-sound home to their clients. You can hire professional home inspectors in southwest Florida who know where to look and how to find termites, beetles, and other insects that frequently inhabit homes. Once a home inspection has been conducted, and termite hot-spots have been identified, solutions can be found and problems can be rectified.

Home inspections in Bradenton can ensure that termite infestations do not take you or your client by surprise, in an effort to remove any possible roadblocks in the way to a successful transaction. Make sure the home inspector you choose is certified by the state of Florida as required by a state law passed in 2005.

Home inspections can keep you from a huge headache – so check out any property before moving further.

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